Hedi Nasr
System and Network Administrator

1 About Me

1.1 Who am I

I'm a french student in Claude Bernard University of Lyon. I prepare a master degree in System, Network and Virtual Infrastructure. I'm in an apprenticeship at École Normale Supérieure of Lyon as system infrastructure administrator.

2 Personal Data

Age: 22
Phone: +33 6 35 10 41 81
Website: http://hedi-nasr.fr/
Email: hedi.nasr@etu.univ-lyon1.fr
LinkedIn: https://linkedin/hedinasr
GitHub: https://github.com/ananasr

3 Computer Skills

C UNIX programming, data structures, Arduino (atmel, avr)
C++ Generic , graphic (OpenGL, OpenCV) and parallel programming (OpenMP, MPI)
Java Cryptography with BigInteger library
Android Xamarin Android, React Native
Python I use Python for my daily sys admin job and to write some cool stuff
Dev Tools emacs (spacemacs), vim, IntelliJ, Android Studio, git, GitHub, Mercurial
Network I have the Cisco certification CCNA (1 & 2 and Security)
Shell Bash for sys admin scripts
System Puppet, Ansible, Foreman
Virtualization Xen (opensource), VMWare vSphere, OpenStack, libvirt, Docker (Swarm)
Linux Debian, Ubuntu, ArchLinux (LIPC certification)
Windows Active Directory, Widows Server 2008

4 Work Experience

4.1 2016-Current

System Administrator ENS - Lyon

I'm currently working in an apprenticeship at the ÉNS of Lyon in the DUNES Team (Développement des Usages du Numériques pour l'Enseignement et les Savoirs - Digital Usages Developpement for Teaching and knowledge). We are in charge of twenty bare-metal servers, 100 virtual machines and 500 websites.

  • Maintaining, ensure disponibility and security of the servers and webservices
  • Optimising bare-metal infrastructure by reducing the number of machines with increased performances
  • Managing web infrastructure : help developpers in the deployment process of their web application
  • Setting tools to improve bare-metal and virtualization platform (LibVirt, Puppet, Foreman)
  • Distributed infrastructure for video transcoding (OAR batch scheduler, ffmpeg)

Technologies: Debian, Xen, Apache, Tomcat, Python, Bash

4.2 Summer 2015

Android Developer Speedernet - Lyon

I had to develop a Learning Management System (Totem - Speedernet) for Android devices. This application was firstly develop for iOS devices. I had to port the iOS application for Android platform. I was mostly in charge of the front end development with Xamarin Android framework.

  • Multiple screens supported

Technologies: C#, .NET, Xamarin Android, Javascript

4.3 Summer 2014

Web Developer Speedernet - Lyon

Starting from scratch, I managed to build a fully functional invoice management web app. Up until now the company was managing all its invoices in paper and had trouble following the overdue. The app we developed allowed the accounting department to get a global view over the state of all invoices.

  • 2 weeks of conception and development
  • web app fully functional and still used by the company
  • developed in team work with the lead developer and the project manager

Technologies: LAMP stack, jQuery, POO PHP

5 Education

5.1 2016-Current

2nd year of master degree of System, Network and Virtual Infrastructure promotion.

Courses highlight
Storage, Cloud & Virtualization
Network and System administration
Network Security
Wireless and mobile networks
Distributed System
Advanced system
Network and System applications
Advanced network

5.2 2015-2016

1st year of master degree common to all computer science students.

Courses highlight
Computability and Decidability
C++ generic programming
Real-time systems
Artificial Intelligence
Web developement

5.3 2012-2015

License degree in Computer Science. The first two years were in a double program of Computer Science and Mathematics. The third years was specialized in computer science.

6 Languages proficiency

Language Level
English B2
French Native
Arab Advanced
Italian Scholar

7 Projects

7.1 Interpol

Homepage: https://github.com/ananasr/Interpol

In my C++ class in my first year of master we had to develop a simplex representation of any dimension. Furthermore, with this model we were able to interpolate any point. One common use would be to find the temperature of any point in a map based on n number of sensors. In addition to the project specifications I added a 3D view with OpenGL.

7.2 The-Watcher

Homepage: https://github.com/ananasr/The-Watcher

This project aim to provide a configuration management tool like Puppet or Chef using a multi agent system. The goal of The-Watcher is to create autonomous distributed systems using AI.

You can see all my other projects on github@ananasr.

8 Interests

  • Distributed Systems: HPC, GPU, Parallelism.
  • SysAdmin: DevOps, Operating Systems, Network, Security.
  • Cloud: AWS, Heroku, Docker, OpenStack
  • AI: Deep-learning, Machine-learning, Neural Networks.
  • Other: Hacking, Robotic, learning new technologies

9 Bibliography

9.1 Using GPU in virtual environment and distributed systems

Author: Hedi Nasr

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